Easy Emica demands EPFA's interfere after being suspended for agent dues

إيزي إيميكا و مجدي عبد الغني (إيزي إيميكا و مجدي عبد الغني)‎

Emica demands EPFA support

The Nigerian Easy Emica player of EL-Masry club called for the intervention of the Association of Professionals headed by Magdi Abdel-Ghani to help him after being suspended.  praising the association's role in solving such problems for football players.

Emica faces suspension because of Egyptian agent's dues by a decision from the appealing committee of the EFA, which is considered as the last judicial degree inside Egypt as the NDRC has not been formed yet.

Magdy Abdelghani promised Emica to try to interfere to hold the player's suspension till the case is raised to the DRC. 

It worth to mention the the appealing committee has taken a decision by fining Emica 16000$ to be paid for Nader El said ( Egyptian Agent ) while Emica claims that Nader did not appeared by anyway in his signed contract with his Club. moreover EL-Masry Club has sent a fax to the EFA stating that Nader is not the players' agent and he played no role for the player transfer  


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